The last few jungle pictures

Whilst in Malaysia we paid a visit to Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre, where tourists can watch the elephants bathing in the river, feed them, have an elephant ride, and finally be dunked into the river by an unbelievably patient old matriarch (pictured above). All good fun, and the money raised pays for [...]

Step into my (temporary) office

I am now halfway through my Malaysia trip, and the work level is really ramping up – my day starts at 0630 with dawn behavioural observations, and then throughout the day I have various bits of animal husbandry – feeding, egg collecting etc – to do for our captive insects. Then once the sun [...]

So much rain…

Wow, internet! After *counts* 5 days, and yet it feels like so much longer. Hello world, how I have missed you. I logged into my wordpress account to find so many lovely comments, thank you all very much, you’ve made my day! I’m sorry I won’t be able to return the favour for a [...]

A quick outfit from the tropics

Such a far cry from the suave London fashionista (ehem!). I usally go for covered legs and shoulders in Kuala Lumpur; as a blonde woman who towers over most of the men I get enough unsolicited attention as it is without showing off too much skin. And as Malays are Islamic it is respectful [...]

Take me out to the jungle

As of tomorrow I will be off to Malaysia for five weeks, doing PhD fieldwork in the rainforest. So I apologise in advance for a lack of regular posting during February, the jungle is short on internet access! And fashion for that matter; my chosen attire is usually linen trousers and vest tops, switching [...]