The best kind of philanthropy


I love tracking down designer labels in charity shops. I may have mentioned it once or twice on this blog before now (here, here, here and here, ehem). Back in my UCL days I would spend my lunch breaks on Goodge Street browsing through my [...]

Phase the next


So my life is turning upside down again, although not in a bad way. For the past three months I've been working on a temporary contract for a scientific publisher, which came to an end just over a week ago. At the time I didn't have another job lined up, which was a bit [...]

Toasty tootsies


One of the first things I reach for when the temperature nose-dives into the single digits is ankle boots. This year I've been on the lookout for the impossible: a practical boot that still ticks my boxes for style and design. I want to stomp around the damp [...]

Experimental sailor dress photography


A leisurely walk through the park, another outing for my picnic hamper, and a chance to take some experimental photographs with a new camera toy. See the strange blurry edges and black vignette? That effect is caused by a wide angle conversion lens, a second piece of kit that fits onto [...]

Gold dust


I walked past this little bag, where it was prominently displayed in the window of one of my local charity shops, for almost two weeks before I finally snapped and bought it. I’m quite frankly amazed that it was on display [...]