Pink power


Charlie May sleeveless blazer | Another8 ‘Rita’ tee | Zara skirt | ASOS sandals

Yes, there is more Charlie May in my closet. Yes, this could be classed as unhealthy obsession. But you know what? When clothes make you feel this damn good I say screw it. I [...]

5 reasons why bloggers wear sunglasses


Charlie May cotton shirt dress and shoes | Thrifted biker jacket

Because it’s bright out yo. Because every trip to Homebase needs an air of high fashion mystique. Because nothing makes a bad hairdo look like you meant it that way quite like dark specs. Because unlike pro models, our [...]

Spring step


Just a short post from me today. I’ve spent the weekend in full on hostess mode and to be honest I’m still a bit on the shattered side. So while my brain reconfigures itself for the week ahead, lets all take some time out this Monday morning to do some serious shoe ogling. [...]

Clò Mór


On a pre-Christmas jolly to Edinburgh I determined to buy a wool tartan scarf, because tartan is gorgeous and my puritanical mind decided that only tartan purchased in Scotland itself would do. While lasciviously fingering the cashmere in a shop on the Royal Mile, improbably named “Thistle Do Nicely”, and wondering how much of [...]

Riot vest


So just in case you missed my ecstatic mug shots yesterday, last night was the first episode of the second series The Great British Sewing Bee. This is the show that Project Runway failed to be for me, catering for the dressmaking enthusiast who wants practical tips and inspiration, not just Klum [...]