Into the middle distance

Trousers – handmade by me | Shirt – Topshop | Jacket – Dorothy Perkins | Shoes – Zara | Pear pendant – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Just overloading on winsome blogger poses here, in particular the 'My lover in the sunset horizon' (Shini's description, which I think is genius). Over the weekend we stayed in a hotel that had gone to great lengths with their external landscaping, with koi carp ponds and fountains bordering onto picturesque fields of rolling sheep. This elegant gardening is probably one reason why two different weddings happened in the hotel while we were staying there. Since when did the mullet skirt become the go-to skirt of choice for the modern wedding guest? Sadly when every woman in the room is wearing one they loose something of their hip factor. 

Anyway, I naturally did some staring off into the middle distance and flirting with the floor whilst leaning against garden gates. Some of my vacant expressions are natural though; I was feeling pretty blissed out after a long weekend of relaxation! Drifting around in a comfy  largely pyjama-inspired Sunday outfit was just what I needed before hitting the thesis writing again on Tuesday. Three and a half weeks to go until Deadline Day, all being well… Eep…

I loved these photographs, so apologies for a picture heavy post! Chris was weilding my new camera – a Nikon D5100 with a 35mm lens – and I think he did a completely fantastic job.

I'm currently experimenting with a few layout bits and bobs on the site at the moment, so please bear with me while I mess around with php and CSS and photoshop graphics and generally screw everything up!

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