The “five weeks to deadline” wishlist


  1. I am a cat person, and even more specifically a black cat person. £14,
  2. I have been lusting over these shoes ever since seeing them on the Author website. £89,
  3. Parakeets!! That is all. £33,
  4. Soft slouchy knits, just in time for soaring late August temperatures. £45.99,
  5. Smart but sassy working-type trousers for post PhD job hunting. £20,

I have five weeks to go until, in theory, my thesis submission has to occur. This means five weeks of keeping my head down and working like a crazy person. Everyone I have ever spoken to says that submitting a thesis is a huge anti-climax; you would expect that shaking such a massive monkey of your back would be a big deal, perhaps come with a parade or something, at least a fanfare. But all you do is take your printed and bound copies to an admin office somewhere in the university, drop them off, get your form stamped, and that's it. Game over (until the viva of course). You get to sit in a pub looking glassy-eyed and shell-shocked, nursing multiple G&Ts and realising for the first time in months just how drained you feel. I think that universities owe it to their PhD students to make the submission process a little more ceremonial. In order to submit you should have to climb the flight of 48 steps (one for each month of your PhD) to the Temple Of Learning at the summit, where your precious master work is placed upon the Alter Of Scholarship. All the staff have to wear robes, perhaps there should be some incense, and as you emerge blinking into the light with your stamped form a brass band will play a song of your choosing as you dance back down the steps and off into the pub. For the more adventurous types we might even be able to work in some temple booby traps like hidden blow darts and a rolling rock or two. After dealing with all that you'd definitely feel like you had accomplished something.

But we have to find different ways to mark the occasion. And mine will (unsurprisingly) be through shopping. A wishlist is already forming… (albeit quite a modest one as the last of the student funds are definitely on the dwindly side!). Top of my list of lust are the shoes from Author, who are an adorable shoe boutique that I walk past on the Charing Cross Road every morning on my way to work. They aren't open at 8am, so all I can do is press my nose up against the window and drool. Or, get on their website and treat myself to some post submission fancy feet!

Got any impending deadlines that you feel like celebrating? xx


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