Basket case

There’s a particular gene for eccentricity, that gets switched on sometime during the early stages of your late 20s. As a biologist I believe this is a valid scientific phenomenon, based on a sample size of two (myself and BioElle). Within days of each other, we both independently went to Sainsburys, bought similar wicker baskets, and set about decking them out to store crochet things in. In my case, I rummaged in our shed for cream paint (Farrow and Ball paint daahling, and if your response to that was “ooh, flat matte oil?”, then guess what, your eccentricity genes are functioning too) and spent a morning happily spreading paint around. Mostly on the basket. We thankfully managed to get the lake of F&B off the living room floor. Next time I’m putting down newspaper, not a sheet!

The end result was quite rustic in appearance, so I went for a nice brown floral cotton to line it with. The all that remained was to fill it with beautifully arranged craft things. In terms of adding homey touches to a living room, you can’t beat home-made blankets and a basket full of yarn. I love the cosy, homely touch that a basket of yarn adds to a living room. I think that might be the eccentricity genes talking! An alternate theory to my eccentricity gene is the “Early Granny Hypothesis”; the initial idea being described by Lucy and Carrie, and later developed into a fully fledged theory in their recent publication, Wish magazine.  My copy arrived a couple of weeks ago, along with this rather charming pull-out…

Yes, yes I definitely am. What about you?


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