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These are just two of the magazines that are top of my reading list these days, and are part of the legion of new publications that are sweeping aside the mainstream magazines that I usually read each month. I expect that most of you will be no stranger to Oh Comely magazine, the quirky quarterly whose thought provoking opinion pieces and absurdly beautiful photography command you to “keep your curiosity sacred”. The other, possibly less familiar to you all, is Handmade Fashion. Whilst I know not all of you are DIY fiends like me, I think there actually is something in here for everyone: interviews with independent designers, features on sustainable fashion in collaboration with Oxfam and craft projects that span the full range from first time creator to die hard sewing fan. At £7 it is a little pricey, but there are only two a year, and compared to a monthly or weekly mag the ratio of ads to content is great!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, when writing about the launch of Wish magazine, I have fallen out of love with traditional women’s magazines. A very fine example of why I feel like this can be found on Fashion Pearls of Wisdom: I do not want to read articles about “celebrities” using drips to stay skinny or beat hangovers, they are boring at best and downright disgusting at worst. As the day to day ugly antics of the world’s beautiful people are played out and dissected more and more in the mainstream media, the less I want to do with it. I don’t want to be involved in bashing my fellow women when they make mistakes, or examining their terrible acne and meteoric weight gain when they are doing well (sure, she can win awards, but step away from the pie fatty). In fact I think a recent article in The Guardian sums up why I am not the only one falling out of love with her monthly dose of glossy; opening one can feel like stepping back to a time when Sex and the City was the definition of woman.

So if anyone needs me, I’ll be hiding out in happy land, where the focus is always soft and flattering, an article about vintage buttons takes precedence over how to pleasure your man, and I can have a go at learning something new if I like. Handmade Fashion taught me how to crochet this month; the only thing Cosmo ever felt the need to try and teach me probably shouldn’t be repeated here!

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  • Great post I hadn’t heard of either of these mags so two more to look out for. I’ve made the point of buying less main stream magazines this month with Love and a vintage one (the names gone right out of my head)! As you say the glossies are just getting boring, nobody wants to hear it any more. So I am really pleased to see all the new magazines now available!

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