Primary colours

Louche “Trinity” blouse – Joy | skirt – Zara | clutch – Warehouse | sandals – Lotta From Stockholm | straw hat  - River Island

These fantastically vibrant pictures were taken in glorious sunshine during a Saturday trip to Crystal Palace Park. Whereas the arrival of sunshine like this normally result in vest tops, short skirts and little dresses, so for contrary blogger reasons I decided to wear midi-length chiffon and a long-sleeved blouse. I bought the blouse for a job interview earlier in the week; I realised that all of my blouses have polka-dots or cats on them, which is not necessarily the best way to make a professional impression. Unless you are being interviewed for a job with Miu Miu, but I wasn’t. I spotted this blouse through the window of Joy on Tottenham Court Road whilst on my lunch break, and decided that it was plain enough to be conventionally smart, but with enough colour to still be “me”.

Honestly, I suck at conventional work wear. I’ve owned one suit in my life, and hated it so much I swore never to wear another one! And wearing too much black makes me feel very uncomfortable. But after eight years of student fashion freedom (four as undergrad/masters and another four as PhD) I am finally going to have to embrace a sensible work wardrobe, somehow incorporating my no suits and no black requirements. So clothing-concious friends with proper jobs: how to you keep your workwear fun, professional and most importantly, true to your personality? x

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  • I love this Joy shirt! I do miss being able to wear what I want each day now that I have a proper job but I try to incorporate as much colour and interesting accessories into my outfits as possible while still looking office-appropriate. I will never, ever wear a suit (unless its an amazing Vivianne Westwood one which I won’t be able to afford for about twenty years anyway!) x

  • I love the blue midi skirt! It’s so pretty. And oooh, I’ve seen that blouse at Joy. It looks so great on as well.

  • I LOVE you in blue! I try and wear classic shapes in brighter colours… I have posted some workwear pictures on my blog recently but it’s an ongoing struggle!

    Maria xxx

  • i love your blouse!!! such a cool trim on it!

    i don’t think workwear has to be boring…blazers come in all sorts of colors nowadays and blouses and skirts come in so many prints and with so many embellishments. i think it would be great to wear a statement piece, but then tone it down with some neutrals if you don’t want to stand out too much. also, accessories make a HUGE difference!

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