This is a bit of a mental mash up of post genres – holiday, outfits, cute little animals and pretty photography. What can I say? I got into collaging mode on my holiday photographs! In my last holiday post I shared some of my favourite photographs from Isla Holbox, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. These are a few snapshots from some of the other fantastic places that we visited on our travels.

I quickly gave up on complicated outfits on holiday, it was too hot! This shirt dress (which is still available on ASOS) quickly became one of my go to pieces for chilling out on our balcony in the evening. For this summer I think I’ll be swaying madly between pastel prom dresses and grown up minimalist shapes – just a little touch of fashion schizophrenia!

After arriving in Cancun (which is very much like parts of America – no walking, big buildings, big food and bigger people) we caught the bus to Chichen Itza, one of the most famous ancient Mayan sites on the Yucatan Peninsular. Getting a bit of culture before retreating to the beach! I love ancient ruins; how mind blowing is it that these structures have been around for thousands of years, covered over by the jungle and can still tell us so much about the bizarre people who lived there? Even if those people did have a thing for human sacrifice…

Cultural education part of the holiday done, we headed to the beach – a couple of nights in Tulum, and a few more nights on Isla Mujeres. Our hotel on Isla Mujeres was wonderful, with its own little beach down a set of winding stone steps. You couldn’t swim there, but it was biologist heaven! Tiny crabs, little fish and rays. We took so many photographs there, including plenty of me wearing yet another ASOS dress. Midi with polka-dots, my kinda perfect dress!

Before we left for our holiday I was told, in no uncertain terms, not to study any form of insect life (as I have to do as part of my day job). However, keeping a zoologist from getting excited about weird and wonderful animals is impossible, and Mexico was full of them. Isla Mujeres had turtles, and Isla Holbox had horseshoe crabs (cucracha del mar or cockroach of the sea in Spanish). I have never been so excited to see any other creature in my life; horseshoe crabs have existed on this planet in one form or another for 450 million years. To put that in context, dinosaurs only came on the scene 230 million years ago. The first horseshoe crabs roamed through oceans full of giant scorpions, on a planet where nothing could survive on land except the very earliest plants. Call me a geek, but I think that is pretty damn cool.

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  • Bee

    Yay! Horseshoe crabs – it blows my mind just how long they have been in existence! I’m a Zoology and Genetics student, and I think it’s great that you get so excited about cool animals – you are obviously suited to being an evolutionary biologist.

  • I love your holiday looks! Effortless, but so cute. The dress is the first picture looks amazing.
    Chichen Itza looks like a great place. I love a good historical site.
    Also, I think it’s decided: I need a pet turtle.

  • This looks like the best kind of holiday and you look lovely! I want a tortoise/turtle again now!

    Maria xxx

  • I love these photos and looks like a great holiday. Really like the layout of this post too :-)

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