Gloating box

My Dad always used to call my sewing box a gloating box; a treasure hoard of preciouses like coloured thread, silk ribbons and vintage buttons that you can lift the lid on and, well, gloat over. Or even use to make something every once in a while. Recently I have acquired my Granny’s hoard of buttons, zips, knitting needles, crochet hooks and other such treasures to add to my gloating box, and as a result I can honestly say that I will probably never have to buy another button ever again. Granny hoarded hundreds of the things. Brass, plastic, ivory, shell, pearl, and mountains of wooden ones. So many that I haven’t even finished sorting through them!

This is about a quarter of Granny’s button stash. But I have already put some of my new button hoard to good use, by adding cute white flower buttons to a thrifted orange blazer and finishing off a cushion for my bedroom. The latter had been unfinished for months because (hah) I didn’t have the right buttons. I love having these crafting ‘heirlooms’ in amongst my own treasures; all these little things that my grandmothers lovingly held on to being gloated over again, and perhaps gaining a new lease of life in one of my (many) ongoing projects!

The cushion meets with the approval of at least one of the occupants of my room!


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