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There is a growing dissatisfaction, both in my mind and in the wider world, with mainstream women’s magazines. After you’ve read a few issues you start to see the endless recycling of content, whether it be shaking up your spring wardrobe, driving him wild with lust or how to perfect that side ponytail. Decent length articles with interesting or engaging content are few and far between; Chris frequently points out the lack of content in my magazines. The most banal of his monthly reads still contain more content and fewer advertisements than any of mine. And don’t even get me started on how weekly gossip mags encourage us to think negatively about celebrities with spots or a smidgen of extra body fat, and by extension encourage us to view ourselves and our peers in the same critical fashion. Something has got to change! Girls, why are we doing ourselves down like this!

Enter Carrie and Lucy, and their baby Wish magazine. Their aim was to create a magazine that pandered to the child-like nostalgic in all of us, bringing together the many and varied talents of bloggers, illustrators, designers and photographers to create something a little bit different. And last Sunday their months of hard work culminated in a gorgeous launch party, held in a sweet little salon above The Victoria in Mornington Crescent. The experience was not dissimilar to stepping through a looking glass into blogger wonderland! Cupcakes, rose meringues, sweeties, Hendricks gin cocktails served in jam jars, knitting classes and delicious Penhaligon scents. One of my favourite touches was the Early Grannies quiz. The “Are You An Early Granny?” flowchart firmly declared me a Long Term Perm (in other words I’m a lost cause), thanks to my preference for Robert Downey Jr. over Robert Pattinson (no-brainer, surely?) and my tendency to stay in and drink wine whilst crafting rather than go out to discotheques. I’m so totally not down with the kidz, or possibly even people my own age, but that is fine by me.

As for Wish itself, I was blown away by the quality of the content and the beauty of the design. The picture above shows a brief glimpse of one of my favourite fashion spreads, which I believe was shot in Kew Gardens. Needless to say I am very excited about receiving my copy and curling for a good read. Perhaps with a chocolate biscuit and my knitting. If you are inspired to order a copy you can do so from Carrie’s blog WishWishWish or from the Wish magazine website from the Monday 21st May.

Thank you so much to Carrie, Lucy and their team of Wish fairies for such a gorgeous party. The attention to detail completely mind bending, not to mention the amount of effort that must have gone into the preparation; example: each little wooden cake fork was individually painted! I have uploaded lots more photographs from the event to the ScientistChic Facebook page, so do have a look. x

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