Gold dust

I walked past this little bag, where it was prominently displayed in the window of one of my local charity shops, for almost two weeks before I finally snapped and bought it. I’m quite frankly amazed that it was on display for that long, with a little sign next to it saying “New Furla bag” (just to make it clear how special it was), and no one got in there before me. Given that I have bought Aquascutum, Diane von Furstenburg and even Maje pieces in the same shop before now, it blows my tiny little mind that someone wouldn’t think, “£30 for Furla? Yes please”. It’s not as if my neighbours aren’t acquainted with nice brands (entirely to my thrifty benefit). I guess that the denizens of my neck of the woods don’t want to spend that kind of money on a bag from a charity shop, which is understandable I suppose. Even if the bag in question is the most beautiful, impractical, leathery scented soft gold clutch imaginable. Who I ask you would be so heartless as to say no?

I am trying to use my clutch bags more often at the moment; they can add a cheeky sense of occasion to an ordinary event. Like a cinema date to the local Odeon to see Avengers Assemble last night – there’s nothing quite so bizarre but entertaining as getting all prettied up to go and sit in the dark! x

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  • Your local charity shop sounds amazing. You’re so lucky you snapped up such a pretty piece…and that it’s Furla! Amazing.

  • I want to shop in your local charity shop, what a lovely find!

    Maria xxx

  • How do you always find the most amazing things in your charity shop. Mine are pants but to be fair I haven’t been into them for ages so maybe I need to give them a second chance

  • I own a designer dress agency and vintage boutique and so spend half my time reminding myself I must sell (not keep) the stock!

    For the past couple of weeks I have been truly lusting after a small gold vintage Chanel bag which I have for sale and which is not so different from your lovely find – other than the price tag. The Furla bag is gorgeous. Lovely shape, great chain handle and classy not brassy gold colouring.

    You clearly have a great eye – and a lot of self control to wait two weeks. I cannot believe no-one bought it in the meantime. Maybe it will feature in sone future photos?

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