ScientistGeek: Road Testing Instagram For Android

Instagram, the giant of the photo-sharing world has finally been released for Android devices. Rejoice! Finally we anti-Apple types can make our world all filtered and pretty too. But I am nothing if not a tough sell; I have been using lots of other excellent photo editing apps on my HTC Desire all this time (see Lifehacker’s list of excellent Android photo apps), so Instagram has to earn its right to colour my world sepia. I took Instagram on a little tour of my grubby science lab, to see what it could do…

Welcome to The Stalkie (stalk-eyed fly) Republic. A world of pots and microscopes and flies. The stuff that PhD projects are made of! The thesis  writing fairy has been passed down across four or five PhD students in our lab now; it watches over The One Who Is Writing and grants them good luck in the forthcoming viva. We also keep silly cartoons around the place to keep our spirits up!

The creatures themselves live in clear plastic boxes in constant temperature laboratories, and are actually quite cute if you can get past the smell. They also need to be fed, a lot. Which means coming into the lab over Christmas and Easter vacations to change their food. Always think hard about whether you want to work with animals! The damn things don’t like dieting so that you can go on holiday.

So, back to the topic at hand, namely Instagram. I like how quick it is, and how easy it is to upload images to multiple platforms. I can only hope that uploading to Flickr will be added in future updates. The range of filters is nice, although with all of these programmes I found myself only using a few favourites after a while, and I couldn’t really find one that put a pleasant gloss over a laboratory! (Possibly this test was a little harsh). However, the lack of certain functions that are present in the IOS version is annoying, for example the tilt shift. I would also like to be able to collage my images (the collages here were made with Photoshop) as I can using Camera Zoom FX, which if you have a spare ¬£2 lying around I would definitely recommend giving a try. Finally, Android Instagram is still quite buggy – it has numerous tantrums on my phone, and doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet at all, despite supposedly being compatible. Hopefully these are all issues that will be solved in future releases, but in the mean time I will carry on using Instagram alongside the other editing apps that I rely on. It hasn’t done enough to secure my complete loyalty yet!

You can find me on Instagram as scientist_chic, where I promise to share more photographs of elegant coffee patterns, vintage necklaces and pear tree blossom, and no more pictures of my scuzzy lab! x

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