Minty casuals: Bensimon

Happy Easter one and all!! I hope you are taking maximum advantage of this, the one day a year upon which chocolate contains zero calories. This is a verifiable scientific fact. Trust me, I am almost a doctor (of biology).

Speaking of PhD land, last Friday was stipend day, and glorious quarterly occurrence that all grad students count down the days until. For me, payday means about a month of guilt free clothes shopping before I remember the importance of more mundane needs like paying bills and buying food. So this time I chose to continue my obsession with mint green with a pair of Bensimon Geylsy shoes and a gorgeous green viscose dress from ASOS. If you’ve never felt like going midi before, I would completely recommend giving a dress like this a go; floaty, colourful, polka-dots, and looks great with sneakers! I love long dresses with simple plimsolls for summer – here’s hoping for some more of that sunshine before too long!

My mum made this Easter cake, and as well as having no calories it was also delicious :).

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