Veiled beanies: weird or wonderful?

Veiled beanie – DIY via Honestly WTF | Skirt – thrifted | Sweater – Topshop | SandalsASOS

This is a big disagreement between myself and Chris. I think Jil Sander’s veiled beanie hats are cute and unusual, a cheeky subversion of a normally feminine, well behaved accessory. Chris also thinks they are unusual, but not in a good way. I wore my DIY version to work last week, and while I enjoyed experimenting with a new style of accessory, I wasn’t so keen on the constant sideways looks and double takes of my fellow commuters. Normally I refuse to give a monkeys about what anybody thinks – after all we’d never experiment with fashion at all if we always worried about what people thought – but for some reason by the end of the day I ended up feeling like a self-concious fashion victim. Which is a bizarre statement coming from a woman who happily wore a wide-brimmed petrol blue hat with matching faux fur last Autumn, and probably will do again if the occasion arises. I still love my creation, but I think my hat might get saved for special fashion occasions where it might be slightly more warmly recieved!

How do you feel about veiled beanies – do or don’t?

I have had the most glorious weekend, and it’s still not over. Last night I went for a girly dinner at Brumus in the Haymarket Hotel with my friends BioElle (whose birthday it was earlier in the week) and Hannah, followed by a trip to the Savoy Theatre to see Legally Blonde. Which was AMAZING. I am still singing one of the songs – anyone who has seen the musical knows which one I mean. Today is also a special day too: mine and Chris’s nine year anniversary. We’ve spent the day chilling out in the sunshine, wandering around the park, taking photographs, arguing (in a good natured way) about the merits of veiled beanies, and baking chocolate and raspberry cupcakes. All weekends should be like this. And double their existing length. Hope you’ve all been having a good one! x

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