Velvet slipper slouch

Velvet slippers – thrifted | Cat print blouse – American Retro | trousers – ASOS | waistcoat – my Grandpa’s | hat – DIY


I’ve been working on my thesis from home today, and waiting for a chest of drawers to be delivered. Finally, a smidgen more space for clothes! And bed linen, towels and all the other types of junk that two people have managed to amass around themselves over the course of almost four years occupying the same house. How did we get so much stuff?? On gorgeous spring days like today I like to work in our living room where I can bask in a bit of sunshine, and see the cherry blossom in the garden. For me that delicate shade of pink equals spring all over!

I came late to the velvet slipper trend that has been doing the rounds for some time, but I am officially converted. These are so comfortable, and a gorgeous shade of crimson. I didn’t originally plan on dressing them up in such a preppy meets feminine way – I thought a cute summer dress or a pair of shorts would be a different take on the style – but when you’re slouching around all day you want something, well, slouchy. Loose trousers, soft silk blouse (with the most AWESEOME cat print I have ever seen), and a waistcoat that used to belong to my Grandpa.

Right, back to my thesis! I took a little break to catch some sunshine and a few photographs. There is also laundry to finish off – making sure that all that stuff Chris and I own is at least clean! Ah, the domestic life.

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine today! xx

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