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A little festive sparkle for Christmas Eve! Yes, I succumbed to temptation a few weeks back and treated myself to a studded headband by Charlie May. Happy early Christmas to me! My hair is now long enough to wear up, so what could be better than pink and studs to enliven a dull up do? I am very bad with hair and hair styles, but I am determined to be more creative and try out some new styles. Which is certainly easier now that I have some hair and lovely accessories to play with. Wearing my new headband with tartan trousers makes me feel like some kind of punk princess. I never thought I’d be a funky trousers girl, but not so long ago I thought, “why the hell not?” And, “ooh, they’re in the sale” (still are if anyone wants their own pair). The fit and cut are both perfect for me, and I quickly found a way to make tartan work with all the other heritage fibres in my wardrobe! I believe the technical term is tweed-verload.

I am now at home with my parents and brothers for Christmas, refreshing my inner country girl and generally enjoying a break from all things data-analysis and thesis-writing related. I’ve had time to apply some Ciaté “My Fair Lady” polish (best magazine freebie ever) to my chewed-up nails (come on babies, grow, grow!), take some gratuitously wide aperture photographs with my 50mm lens, and focus on reclaiming my title as family Scrabble champion. My Dad and I are beyond competitve! Now, time to make mince pies and listen to Christmas carols. What are your holiday traditions?

Happy Christmas one and all! x

P.S. Thanks to my little brother who took time out of his very busy holiday video game *ehem* revision schedule to take some of these pictures for me.

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