Taking a knitting break

What do you take refuge in when life gets very manic? I’ve had a couple of pretty intense work weeks, which is nothing enormously unusual, except that for some reason I’ve been enjoying a bout of insomnia at the same time. A double whammie of brain melting fun! So last weekend I set about finding some activities to sooth my highly frazzled brain. Knitting fits the bill perfectly. My brother gave me a Liberty voucher for my birthday, so I permitted myself Monday afternoon off to spend roaming through the haberdashery section. I love Liberty; the haby department is always so quiet, and I can quite easily loose all sense of time whilst I browse. I emerged an hour later with several balls of fine 4 ply beautiful blue alpaca yarn, and spent the rest of the afternoon choosing needles and knitting gauge squares. I have inherited knitting needles from both of my grandmothers, and added to my own substantial collection it all adds up to a fair few knitting needles!

I have knitted two garments in my life (scarves don’t count), and they were both basically identical: knitted cape number 1, and knitted cape number 2. I love the cape pattern because of its simplicity; cast on to circular needles, and keep knitting round with regular increases until it’s as long as you want it to be. And because the pattern is made up on big needles with a bulky yarn, it’s possible to rattle off a full cap in an afternoon. The point I am trying to make is that I am not particularly experienced in the subtleties of garment knitting, the necessary increases and decreases to make a garment fit perfectly. So lord knows why I have decided to try and knit a dress with my new blue yarn. And not even one from a pattern, I am just making it up as I go along. I am planning to make the bodice out of several panels and then (whisper it) sew them together, and have already been reliably informed by my dear friend and fellow knitter BioElle that this qualifies as “CHEATING”. No doubt that another highly experienced knitting friend MichaelaKnits (who has designed her own knitwear collection) would possibly agree! In fact I should probably have a bash at knitting some socks first (as recommended Michaela on my last post), but this project isn’t about common sense, it’s about therapy (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!).

Ooh, I feel better already. See, even writing about knitting is therapeutic. I hope you all have lovely weekends, and hopefully I will be back on Monday feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to blog with a vengeance! xx

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  • I love knitting! I’m not very good though. I’ve only made scarfs…which if they don’t count I have made anything. Sad panda. I’ve tried knitting in the round but just couldn’t get a hang of it. You make it sound so easy though…maybe I’ll try again!

    My new favorite brain saver is embroidery. I’m working on making a tote bag. Can’t wait until it is finished!

  • I’ve been doing loads of knitting this summer too – I think what I enjoy about it most is that it’s something I can do in front of the telly or when I’m part of a group conversation because if the pattern is simple (and I like to stick to simple patterns!) then I don’t have to concentrate too hard on it. A project I’m working on at the moment is instead of buying Christmas presents this year I’m going to knit ever single one instead. So obviously I need to start in August cause it’s going to take me a long time! Last week I made two hats and a scarf and I’m currently working on some gloves. What pattern did you use for your capes? Cause I’ve just looked at them and they’re lovely! Wouldn’t mind knitting one up for myself for Winter! Oh and did you decide on any of the socks from your last post? Have a lovely weekend.

  • It’s always nice to relax and treat yourself. You seem so talented with knitting! The two capes look amazing. Have a great weekend.

  • Kat

    I am terrible at knitting or sewing, but it seems like such a therapeutic hobby :) Those capes look awesome, love anything with a hand-knitted look!

    Hope this week is slightly less stressful for you, insomnia is a bitch!!


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