Swimming lessons

Cute huh? This is a baby Atlantic grey seal that I spotted while out for a walk the other day. Ramsey Island, just off the coast from St. Davids, is a major breeding colony for the Atlantic grey, and their numbers are getting so great that some females (such as this one) sometimes have their babies in caves on the mainland.

What’s under there?

Hello mum!

With mum keeping a close watch nearby, this particular baby was taking some tentative steps (or should that be flops?) into a shallow pool to practise swimming. After some serious exertion it hauled itself back out onto the beach and called for mum to come and provide food. Baby seals suckle really intensively (some species only feed their pups for 3-4 days!), and massively increase their body fat during that time. When they are one month old, they shed their white pup-coat, which isn’t waterproof, in favour of a dark adult coat. Then they are ready for grown up life! But in the meantime this one seemed to enjoy having a little frolic.

Tired now… I require some dinner!

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